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What’s better than running Windows on a PC?

Posted by Arun Uday on May 7, 2007

Running two versions of the Win OS on the same PC. Thats what researchers in Microsoft’s Research Lab in Bangalore have developed – technology that allows you to load two versions of Windows on a single PC and even work off a single monitor. Guys, c’mon its hard enough to run one version of Win for long without crashing. How do you expect us to run two of them simultaneously? Also, I thought a similar end result could be achieved through virtualization s/w like VM Ware. Of course, it doesn’t split the screen into two. But, given the relatively low cost of a monitor, it may be a better idea to share a CPU and memory while having two different monitors (rather than two users constantly peeping into the other half of the screen to see what the other guy is doing).
On a side note, I’m happy to see desi folks working on innovative stuff. Keep trying dudes. Maybe someday, you will come up with something more appealing than two blue screens on a single monitor 😉

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