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Best places in the world to do business in the wired world

Posted by Arun Uday on August 30, 2007

Be surprised (like I was) to see what tops this list of cities do business in the wired world according to Business2.0. Click below.
Best tech cities according to Business 2.0

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Media measurement – In a state of perennial mess

Posted by Arun Uday on August 27, 2007

“Lies, damn lies and statistics” is an expression that aptly fits the media measurement industry across the board cutting across all media types. Right from the oldest media form – print to the newest – internet and all the intermediate ones (television, outdoor etc), procuring precise statistics for audience related information has been as fruitful an exercise as chasing a mirage on the hot desert sands. What’s even more surprising is that this is getting progressively worse and not better with technology advancements. Lets just focus on the two most important ones here – television and internet.

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Out of bloffice

Posted by Arun Uday on August 20, 2007

Have been having a hectic travel and work schedule last few days and should be back shortly.

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Behavioral targeting – hotting up

Posted by Arun Uday on August 14, 2007

I notice that not too many people talk much about Hotmail these days. It appears that given the plethora of “Ajax based” and other popular email services such as Gmail and Yahoo! mail, Hotmail seems to have taken a backseat. Yet, I would rate Hotmail as one of the epoch making events in the evolution of the internet. Reason, it basically heralded a new economic model, which has since become a key characteristic of the interent era, which is to offer a service free of cost to the end user, and monitize it by means of advertising. And with time, this model too evolved and became more sophisticated, and now, in a sense we seem to be back to where it all began, thanks to how things have shaped up and led us to what is now being called behavioral targeting.

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TV content distribution industry in India in a state of flux

Posted by Arun Uday on August 10, 2007

With great change comes great opportunity. And the Indian TV content distribution industry today, with its heady mix of gargantuan size, steep growth and a rapidly changing dynamic presents just that. Before we dive into the giant soap opera that is the television industry in India, lets just look at a few facts that establish the size and growth prospects of the industry:

  • Current size of Indian television media industry: INR 191 billion (USD 4.7 billion)
  • Expected CAGR over next 5 years: 22%
  • Total no of households in India: 187 million
  • Total no of TV households: 112 million (60% penetration)
  • Total no of pay TV households: 70 million
  • Total no of cable households: 68 million
  • Total no of DTH households: 2 million
  • Projected CAGR in cable households over next 5 years: 5%
  • Projected CAGR in DTH households over next 5 years: 43%
  • No of TV channels: 300
  • Expected no of TV channels in 2 years: 500
  • India is Asia’s second largest pay TV market after Japan
  • By 2015, it is expected to be the largest pay TV market surpassing Japan
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    Sky Click- Finally a mashup that actually “rings”

    Posted by Arun Uday on August 7, 2007

    “Web 2.0” is a phrase that I’m beginning to loathe using these days. It is typical of most concepts in technology. At first, it is catchy and trendy to get hooked on to and talk about. Then, gradually from there, it goes to becoming mainstream to mundane and finally it gets so abused and its definition so far removed from what it was conceived to connote in the beginning that it starts losing appeal for serious technical usage. Yet, if one were to trace the history of the WWW and what the phrase Web2.0 was essentially meant to capture, it was the notion of the evolution of the Web from a repository of content to a platform of interlinked services
    The beginnings of this could probably be traced to Dave Winer’s formulation of the SOAP protocol, which MS immediately latched on to and made the cornerstone of its .Net platform (or at least thats the way they marketed it). Of course, the phrase Web2.0 was still not invented back then, but critical pieces of the functionality to make the transition happen were beginning to fall in place. While this was going on, the other major parallel development that was taking place was this whole “social” and “user generated” phenomenon. Then, somewhere along the way, the two converged and it wasn’t too hard for someone like a Tim O’Reilly to come along and give the beast a name – “Web 2.0”. The tech community also contrived another novel moniker for such interlinked services – “Mashups”. 
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