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Outlook for India: Cautiously Optimistic

Posted by Arun Uday on November 14, 2008

At the outset, I have to say that this post is not motivated by any patriotic fervor. In fact, I have been extremely skeptical about the exaggerated claims of India’s emergence as an economic superpower. On many parameters, (share of world trade or per capita GDP for instance) we remain an economic minnow. However, like a prominent PE investor remarked in a conference that I recently attended – for India, God seems to be planning in lieu of the government (in his words, how else can you explain the fact that China and India both launched their family planning programs at the same time. They got it right, we got it wrong and we are left with one of the best demographic profiles in the world). Its in this context that I am inclined to say that the current global economic malaise may actually be a blessing in disguise for India.
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