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The Dubai situation – A personal account

Posted by Arun Uday on January 19, 2010

Was in Dubai for a few days on work and had the chance to witness the view from the top of the highest building on earth – the Burj Khalifa. And, there couldn’t be a more apt metaphor for the situation in Dubai than the Burj itself. While there has been much drama about both the tower itself and the opening ceremony with the last minute renaming and all, which purportedly has more than meets the eye, standing at the top I couldn’t help wondering what the economic rationale for Dubai to host this otherwise magnificent tower could be.

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Mobile internet – the new paradigm

Posted by Arun Uday on January 5, 2010

Morgan Stanley’s annual technology report has been released for the year that just passed i.e. 2009, downloadable here. This edition focuses on the mobile internet. I have been a regular reader of these reports for the past few years, and have to admit that the 2009 edition has been the best so far. The theme this year has been the mobile internet. The report throws up some very interesting statistics on the phenomenal growth of the mobile internet such as the following:
* The penetration of technology in every computing cycle has been 10x the previous one in the following pattern – Mainframes:1MM+ units, Mincomputers:10MM+ units, PC:100MM+ units, Desktop internet:1B+ units. Therefore, the anticipated adoption of mobile internet is expected to be 10B+ units.
* The cumulative wealth creation of the top 5 companies that dominate each era has been higher than the previous one
* Mobile internet adoption on iPhone has been 8x that of desktop internet adoption on AOL in 9 quarters since their respective launches
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