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Will Apple’s iCloud rain on the Wintel parade?

Posted by Arun Uday on June 7, 2011

Back to writing after a long time and will try to be more consistent from now on. Lots happening in the world, but thought of picking on the tech headline today, which is Apple’s announcements on its cloud services – iCloud. If there is any one trend that should have MS worried more than anything else, it must be this inexorable shift away from the PC and towards the cloud. Indeed, it is not just an obvious game changer for Windows, but also has far reaching implications for the entire tech ecosystem including microprocessor companies like Intel & AMD, storage companies like EMC & Seagate, device companies like Dell & HP, telecom companies, mobile manufacturers etc. Apple’s announcements on iCloud can be characterized as more incremenatal than game chaging since the only significant feature of its iCloud service is that it backs up all of a user’s files automatically which will allow seemless usage of these files across devices. While this is definitely not just useful but a requisite for cloud services to gain wider adoption, like I have said before the real requiem for the PC era will being to be inked when cloud services take over the enterprise. Its when large entreprises are ready to switch to both internal and external clouds in order to derive enormous cost benefits from pooling their computing and storage resources is when one can say that the cloud has truly borne rain and one that will strike hard on the Wintel parade. That certainly does not seem too far away given all the small but definitive steps that players like Apple, Google and Amazon are taking. Time to get the umbrellas out in Redmond I guess.

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