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From s/w coding to consulting to investment banking and now PE/VC, I have done it all. But, VC is where my heart is coz it involves the three things that really interest me – technology, finance and entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur or a company that is in need of funding, I would love to hear from you. But, make sure you have an idea about our funds and investment focus first.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Eric Marchand said

    Good afternoon!

    Do you fund satellite TV channels?


    Eric Marchand

  2. Arun Uday said

    Why don’t you mail me the details, and I can revert with an answer.


  3. R.RAM said

    this is ram from we have to enter the new venture in online website area.we have well established promoters for this venture.but they are not from online business.

    its based on the online B2C formate.we will belive that to work out as possile way.we have the endless confident for this one.

    do you have any funds to invest this new venture?
    i ned your reply as soon as possible.

    thanks lot

  4. shailesh said

    Hi Arun,

    we are group of freinds hailing from Bihar..Looking forward to start fruit processing unit in Bihar..some of us have land as well as are in cultivation of u funds these kind of venture???

  5. Dear Mr. Arun,
    A Very Happy & Propserous New Year.
    Ours is a 37 year young technology company in custom design electronic systems for Nuclear, Defence and Electric utilities, of two IIT’ans (age 64 & 54). We averaged Rs 4.5 crs T/o in the last three years, 07-08 would be around Rs 2 to 2.5 crs, and our expansion plan based on the 123 Deal has gone awry. We had all along concentrated on custom design priding in import substitution and technological challenge in embedded systems. We have no major product stream. We have incurred debt(having acquired a sick electronic unit at Navimumbai from a term loan institution apart from Working capital from a nationalised bank both totalling Rs 4.5 crs and some unsecurd loans). We have exhausted our way of looking in to freeing the value of the property of the navimumbai unit which is around Rs 8.0 crs – market value, through Loan against property, which are not viable enough for us to take it. We were suggested to get in touch with pvt equity funds and I came across your link in the google search. I am not sure if you could suggest any possible course of action. We are good technically, but need support in marketing, finance. We are currently trying to change our focus from custom design to products and small systems, for which we need funds both for current needs and future growth. We are lookingg for equity. You also could be advising clients who are looking for a tie up with an electronics company in India. Can we look for a tie up with any of them with infusion of equity?
    With Best Regards,

  6. anupam said

    Hi Arun ,

    I am a s/w engg turned MBA(+CFA L1)and would be joining an indian bank in their Project Finance group.My basic interest is towards PE/VC roles.Like you – technology, finance and entrepreneurship really interest me.Can you please enlighten me on the best route that i can take for PE/VC roles.I saw your background “From s/w coding to consulting to investment banking and now PE/VC” and simply could not stop myself from asking this question to you.

    Apologies for not asking something related to ‘need of funding ‘which to me is the main motivation behind creating this space.

    Best Regards,

  7. Chayan said

    Hi Arun,

    I have the same query as Anupam’s. Would be thankful if you shower some knoledge on us.


  8. Arun Uday said


    As you’d appreciate PE is a hard place to break into and it is very difficult for me to suggest any one way of making it. For different people, it’s worked differently. While a majority of the PE professionals have some sort of a finance background (read Investment Banking), there is also an almost equal no from consulting and industry backgrounds. There is no one path to this place and I guess it will be fair to say that at some point, you also need to get lucky. (Don’t mean to sound vain about this, just stating the reality). So, I’ll find it hard to suggest what you need to do to get into PE apart from saying maybe try getting into IB or consulting and hope u make it some day.

  9. Viren said

    We are CA firm from Nagpur. Due to MIHAN project in Nagpur lot of companies are getting big contracts and they are not able to get funds from bank to execute the contracts. They are looking for VC or PE can u help me in getting VC or PE for them

  10. dear arun uday
    i am looking for VC for 4 cr for fullmatrimony
    pl suggest the best
    thanks and regards
    n s narayana

  11. […] About « Technology, Venture Capital, Private EquityWelcome to my blog! I am currently working for a PE/VC firm in Mumbai, India. If you are a technology entrepreneur or company looking for funding, feel free to drop me a line on […]

  12. […] About « Technology, Venture Capital, Private EquityWelcome to my blog! I am currently working for a PE/VC firm in Mumbai, India. If you are a technology entrepreneur or company looking for funding, feel free to drop me a line on […]

  13. mahendra surywanshi said

    hi arun i m a network marketier. I m heading the industry from last 12 years & has created number of acheivers n toppers.But now i want to start my own mlm company.will u like fund our organisation.

  14. Hey checkout my about online internet freinds

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