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If Columbus were an entrepreneur…

Posted by Arun Uday on November 19, 2009

…and had pitched to a VC, he would’t have been funded….because the VC would have asked the following:

Where are you going?
With whom?
Why you?
How are you going?
To discover what?
What is the market for discovering India?
If if is really so lucrative to discover India, why is Microsoft not trying to discover it?
What if Microsoft also tries to discover India, how will you beat them to it?
What if you reach India first and Microsoft follows you and throws you out of there?
Show me the route you’ll take…
No no… I want the entire route… along with the exact days between each stop…
I think this is a very aggressive route… you should budget more number of days in Portugal…
Who will accompany you on the boat?
But Joe doesn’t have experience in steering small boats… he has only been on big ships…
Ok, who’s the cook?
You mean you don’t even have a cook on board? So, what will you eat?
What if you run out of pasta on your voyage?
But, you said the same last time when you were trying to discover China and abandoned it half way…
I still don’t understand what else is balance to be discovered…
Ok, I am willing to fund you if you give me half the loot from India if you get there, or allow me to sell your boat if you come back emptyhanded…


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